Proper Equipment for Construction
and Concrete Work

Professional Grade Construction Equipment

Whether you are working on your own DIY renovation or running a professional construction company, you'll find the equipment you need at The All New Time Rental. We carry a wide selection of top-notch rental equipment for any construction project or concrete work.

High-Quality Tools

  • Angle grinders
  • Belt sanders
  • Block saws
  • Bolt cutters
  • Cement mixers, gas and electric
  • Circular saws
  • Concrete plainers
  • Conduit benders
  • Cutting brakes
  • Diamond angle grinders
Block saw

Name-Brand Construction Equipment

  • Diamond floor grinders
  • Electric chop saws
  • Floor buffers
  • Fresno trowels
  • Gas chop saws
  • Hammer drills
  • Jackhammers
  • Jumping jacks
  • Miter saws
  • Null float

Powerful Construction and Concrete Tools

  • Pencil vibrators
  • Pipe threaders
  • Plate compactors
  • Powder actuated nail guns
  • Power screen vibrators
  • Power screens
  • Power trowels
  • Roller tape measure
  • Sheet metal saws
Table saw

Equipment You Need to Complete Any Project

  • Sheet metal shears
  • Sheet rock jack
  • Siding brake
  • Siding cutter
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Soff-Cut
  • Table saw 
  • Transit levels and laser
  • Undercut saw
  • Walk-behind concrete saw
  • Wire feed welder
  • Magnet on wheels
  • Air staples
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The owner of The All New Time Rental has spent 25 years as a contractor before opening the doors in 1974, so he has an extensive knowledge of both sides of the rental business.

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